Photography is something that I’m really passionated about, and besides doing my own photography, I really like to read about everything that has to do with photo’s.

A photo says more than a 1000 words.

This book Life.Love.Beauty is created and written by Keegan Allen.
Keegan is an actor, known for his role as Toby Cavanaugh in Pretty Little Liars.
Besides being an actor, he is a writer and a photographer. You can always find him with a camera.

This book tells his life story through pictures that he takes. It is not a typical Hollywood book that involves “I’m telling you my story, this time”. It is a book that is unique. You could read this if you have no idea who he is, or if you’re just a fan.

It is categorized in three categories. I won’t spoil everything that’s in the book, because discovering yourself is the most fun part!

  • Life
    • At the category ‘life’, you will see him growing up and how he got his first camera, when he was nine years old. You will see how he learns to use a camera and takes you with him on a journey through his youth.
  • Love
    • At ‘love’ you will see a category that shows his love for his job, people and fans.
  • Beauty
    • At the category ‘beauty’ you will see everything above, but also a new focus about traveling, countries and poetry.

I genuinely think that this is a really beautiful book. It gives you personally so many insights into photography. It is really well thought out. It has this sort of old style that I really enjoy to watch. The stories and poetry are pretty nice and everything fits well together.

If you’re into photography, looking for inspiration and are curious, I would definitely recommend this book!


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